Online Stores

Team ordering has never been so easy!


With our 4 step process, you are sure to be satisfied with your results. The days of gathering name, sizes, and quantities are over.

Our Online Store Process


Generate your logo

To get started, all you have to do is send your design information to us through email or in person. We try to make it easy and reliable.  If you have any special request, our experienced staff is happy to make it happen.


Open your online store

We configure and open your online store for people to start ordering. We will also set up a closing date for people to order.  


We run production

After the closing date, the orders get processed and put into production. Orders are estimated to be done 7 days after the closing day.

Enjoy Your custom apparel


Once the order is finished, we will contact you to come pick it up. From there you can take your merchandise to your team, company, or any group event you have.

Start Your Online Store Today!

Let us know what you have in mind!

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